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VA Department of
Criminal Justice Services No. 88-1204

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Springfield, VA 22150

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Entry Level Training Requirements

Obtaining a Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Private Security Registration Card requires taking and passing mandatory training. All registered persons are required to take 30E – Electronic Security Core Subjects. Electronic security categories can then be added to the registration card by taking the appropriate additional training and completing the necessary application information.

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30E - Electronic Security Technician's Assistant
30E and 35E - Electronic Security Technician
30E and 39E - Electronic Security Sales Representative
30E and 38E - Central Station Dispatcher
30E, 35E and 39E - Electronic Security Technician/ Sales Representative

In-Service Training Requirements

A registered person is required to take In-Service training or equivalent every 24 months in order to be able to renew the registration card. In-Service or equivalent must be completed for every category listed on the card. In-Service courses require no testing.

35I - Electronic Security Technician In-Service
39I - Electronic Security Sales In-Service
38I - Central Station Dispatcher In-Service
35I and 39I - Electronic Security Technician/Sales

Additional Categories

A registered person who wishes to add an electronic security category to an already existing electronic security card does not have to take 30E – Electronic Security Core Subjects again. You only have to take the specific category course. Your present card must be valid and in force.

35E - Electronic Security Technician
39E - Electronic Security Sales
38E - Central Station Dispatcher


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