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703-591-1794 fax

VA Department of
Criminal Justice Services No. 88-1204

P.O. Box 684
Springfield, VA 22150

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Successful completion of private security training requires:

  • Effective and active class participation;
  • Passing grade of 70% or greater on all tests;
  • Satisfaction of all class requirements as established by the instructor at the beginning of the class.

During the private security training course, the following rules and requirements will be in effect:

  • Classes will begin promptly at the time indicated in the confirmation letter. Anyone arriving more than 15 minutes past the scheduled start time may be refused admittance.
  • Students are required by law to be present for the entire session to successfully complete certified training. Any time missed from class will be made up during breaks, lunch and/or after normal class hours. Compliance Agents will be notified if a student is late or does not attend class.
  • Acceptable dress is what you wear to work. Acceptable work attire does not include grunge cloths, ragged or torn items, flip flops, sandals, tank tops, tee shirts with offensive slogans, etc.
  • Cell phone and laptop use is prohibited during training. There will be breaks for you to communicate with others.
  • Absolutely no firearms.
  • Smoking in the classroom is prohibited.
  • Profanity and loud, boisterous behavior, which may disturb others, will not be tolerated.
  • Staff will determine student misconduct as the situation warrants.
  • Any refusal of a student to obey Academy Staff may be cause for DISMISSAL FROM THE SCHOOL.
  • Cheating, lying, stealing (or attempts thereof), giving or receiving aid on tests or examinations will be grounds for dismissal.

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